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Health and Life Skills


Health and Life Skills are a major part of our foundation!

We encourage all of our students to pay attention to their health and hygiene.

  1. We teach proper diet and rest!

  2. We encourage yearly doctor visits

  3. We teach the importance of nutrition and sponsored meals weekly!

  4. We have one on one session’s monthly to see where the children are mentally!

We are very fortunate to have one of our Board of members that works with the San Diego City School board nursing staff and the San Ysidro Community Health Group.

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Golf and Life Skills

We teach and help all of our students to help make life changing decisions!

We also teach them to be courteous and that being a nice human being is an “Art”.

We cover all of these areas and have our students practice, know and learn these areas.

  1. Morals

  2. Values

  3. Etiquette

  4. Dicipline

  5. Respect

6. Race and Identity

7. Love

8. Like

9. Learn

10. Listen

11. Practice

12. Honor

13. Pride

14. Dignity

15. Be Proud

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