Video Instruction Area

Our Goal in 2021 is to have a Video Golf In-door Instruction area with a merchandising pro-shop

1. We will have live Video screens and cameras.

2. We will have a state of the art Video golf simulator machine with live screens for action shots, ball flight simulation.

3. Coaching and teaching area.

4. Putting green.

5. Golf Club fitting area.

6. Golf club repair area

7. Results machine.

8. Round of golf simulation and scoring.


This video golf instruction area will be a great golf game improvement area that teaches the fundamentals and mechanics of the golf swing and theory, thus giving a person the true feeling of playing golf- Before they go to the golf course and try to play golf!

Gordon 2021 #2.jpg
Gordon 2021 #3.jpg
With your help and donations this dream will become a “Reality”.

To donate please call:

Horace Brown at (619) 990-0703

Gordon Brown Sr. at (619) 251-0171

or email: